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Photography throughout the country of Ireland. Spanning counties of Cork, Clare, Dublin, Offaly, Kerry, and more!


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In this picture you’ll find the lovely architecture inside Dublin, Ireland. Now, normally I pride myself on being able to identify most buildings in this gorgeous city, however, for some reason the name of this building is escaping me at the moment. It looks like Custom House but I’m not sure. Friends of Ireland, help me out! :)

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This video was inspired by my trip to Ireland. I’m glad that I made it because every now and then when I get a case of wanderlust, it helps me remember the time I spent in Ireland—I’m grateful that I was able to capture some moments. This video motivates me to discover, explore and to travel to places I’ve never seen, because this is the only life we’re ever going to have—our actions are larger than wishes ever will be and create the life we want and aspire to have one day.

My question to all of you is:

What inspires you?


NEW BLOG POST! Take a look at my trip to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

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I know that a lot of you have been wanting to know a little bit more about me and to see some of my other photography work, other than Ireland. I figured I’d share my blog every once in a while with all of you as that has a lot of my photography on there AND a lot more about me. Hope you guys like it! Thanks for all of the messages, you guys are fantastic!

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